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Recycling Materials to COGGS

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This week we recycled wood from a deck remodel project to COGGS, "Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores," a volunteer organization of bicyling enthusiasts in the Duluth area. The lumber will be used primarily for sections of trail that need bridges and boardwalks.


We feel great when used materials can find a new home, and area cyclists benefit from the good work COGGS is doing in Duluth and along the North Shore.


See what COGGS is up to:

Supporting Energy Innovation

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Meteek was featured in a PEW foundation project highlighting energy leadership from various businesses in Minnesota. "Economic and Job Growth Starts with Policy" is their nationwide effort to influence energy policymakers to adpot energy policies that create jobs and attract private investment.

Andy Hoffmann, Laura Larson, Randy Larson and Molly in the Meteek meadow


You can go to the link below and click on Minnesota to see the feature on Meteek: