Meteek & Company, Duluth, MN

At Meteek & Co. our passion is expressing inner transformation. Whether building, remodeling or adding to your home, constructing the elements that express your business, analyzing what is or isn’t working in a structure, or designing efficient systems, Meteek facilitates bringing your vision into form.


Back in the 1970s, two young rapscallions, Randy and Rolf Larson, started building houses. Their first home was a design of three interlocking timber-framed hexagons, and they never looked back. Meteek Shop & Construction was born.

After a few years in Duluth, Randy left for the wilds of Seattle to build houseboats and other crazy, fun projects with Paul von Rosenstil. Rolf headed off to Boston and became a structural engineer. Returning to Duluth, Randy changed the name to Meteek & Co. to encompass the range of commercial, energy efficiency and forensic consulting projects he took on.

Now with a team of employees and partnering businesses, Randy and Meteek continue to build houses, innovate solutions, and increase their capacity for fun.

Randy Larson & Rolf ... Rapscallions with a plan