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We Know Choo Choo Bob’s Dad

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Really, we do--Choo Choo Bob's dad is Mitch Heyn, our long-time Crystal cabinetry rep. We have liked working with Crystal through the years because they make good stuff, and they seem to keep wanting to innovate--for the employees who build their cabinets and the customers who buy them.

One of the things Crystal offers is a full line of "green" options--FSC certified woods and all-plywood or solid wood construction. In addition, the plywood they do use has no added urea formaldehyde, and a bonding agent made from mussles and soy that is highly resistent to water.

And we like working with Mitch because he's always got a good spin on things. Which must have rubbed off on the kids--if you don't know who Choo Choo Bob is, check him out here!


And to wrap up an odd string of transportation-related affiliations, we were treated to another classy American vehicle this week when Jay Hanson from Superior Scuba stopped by for some cable and swage work with his Victory motorcycle. Swanky wheels are in style. Jay is gearing up to work with National Geographic up at Isle Royale--safe diving Jay!


Classic Summer Fun

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We almost didn't recognize Ray Maruska when he pulled up in his newest work of art--a remodeled Lincoln Continental convertible.  We have seen other projects Ray has done, but were amazed (again!) by Ray's talent and artistry.


Ray superstrengthified the engine,


customized the headlights and designed a new grille for the front


Ray has been doing a car a year for about 30 years now. When he is not chopping, welding, souping up and putting a pristine finish on a car, Ray can be found doing amazing tile work.


Beautiful one, Ray!


Dark Sky Duluth

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This week at our latest Meteek Workshop event we rolled out a vision for establishing Duluth as a "Dark Sky" city. We hosted a presentation by Tom Nelson and Eric Norland from the Arrowhead Astronomical Society about the Milky Way and light pollution, and talked about a vision for making Duluth a city where more stars are visible.

Here is an info sheet we generated


Besides the presentation, we had live DJ music from MAR ( and a new show up in the gallery, mandalas from Cynthia Lapp. We were having so much fun we forgot to take any photographs of the event. Below are some of the gallery. Enjoy!


and a link to the Arrowhead Astronomical Soceity's website