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Holzer AgroEcology Weekend

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Last weekend we participated in a 3-day permaculture workshop at Spirit Mountain Farm, with Chad Johnson. We practiced and discussed techniques invented by Sepp Holzer, a farmer from Austria who specializes in creative groundwater rehabilitation and recharge, and creating microclimates for plants.

The weather was great on Friday, but the weekend rain brought the class to Meteek & Co, where we studied Sepp's projects, diagrammed Hugels and discussed different projects and land parcels that participants were working with. It was a great weekend!

Great Summer Kick-Off!

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A fabulous time was had at Meteek & Co. welcoming in the summer. With the assistance of COGGS, the beautiful photography of Hansi Johnson, and the grooving tunes of Elysium Alps, many dinners were grilled and stories told until the sun went down.

We had a bumper crop of kids this year - between movies, food and biking around the shop, it looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Also a shout out to Steve at Thirsty Pagan, who donated beer -- thank you!