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Boat Garage Summer Camp

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Mako takes in the ferry crossing.

We put up the boat garage on Madeline Island this week.

Packing a mobile shop into two vans, we drove and ferried over to the island. We had a bit of rain the first morning, but the pieces went together like Lego thanks to Andy's precision prefabbing.

It was a 2-day, true barn-raising event, complete with camping, dogs, and meals on the screen porch, thanks to neighbors Sally and Chris. It will take another trip or two to finish, keep posted!

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Prefab Boat Garage

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We have a project on Madeline Island this summer, and to ease the logistics, we thought we'd do some prefabbing.

Madeline is the largest of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. In the summer you take a ferry from Bayfield. In the winter you can drive over on the ice road

The project is a boat garage. Below are images of building the walls and 12'-high swinging door in our shop. Andy's welding talent was put to use on the aluminum-framed door. He made the hinge mounts out of aluminum too, each piece perfectly crafted.

We loaded up two trailers of "parts" to be taken to the island before we go over to build.
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Conference Tables – Fabrication

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Last winter we designed and fabricated two conference tables --  18' and 10' versions of a sleek, diamond design of walnut with sturdy steel legs. Although they are powerfully built to assist heavy-duty meetings, the surface floats gracefully above the conference-room hoopla.

Andy was again the star of the welding rig, with Mark Lachecki masterminding the woodwork. Everyone helped out on this one.

We will post some photos of their new home later this summer. Enjoy!

P1060397_smP1170331_smP1030805_smP1030806_sm P1030808_sm  P1060404_smP1060431_sm P1060410_sm  P1060451_smP1060426_sm   P1060457_sm P1060463_smP1030824_smP1030844_smP1030852_sm P1030847_sm P1030850_sm  P1030858._smP1030854_sm