Family Business Forum Coming Up


Thursday October 30, 2014
5:30 - 8:00 pm
Questions? Call 218-343-74332 

Saturday October 4, 2014
1-4 pm, reception to follow
Attendance is free! Call 218-722-7599 to register

Flyer-Family Business Night

Any business has to make decisions and clarify strategy in order to stay successful, but for family businesses, these decisions often double and intertwine. Decisions about what's the best for the business and what's the best for the family often steer family businesses differently than those that are publicly-owned.

Family businesses can be more complex, but they are often able to make different decisions for themselves and the communities they serve than business driven by outside investors.

On Saturday, October 4, Meteek will host Duluth's first Family Business Forum. Inspired by conversations with Dr. Sanjay Goel, a friend and professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at UMD who specializes in Family Business, the Forum will be a place to find out about information and strategies for family business, for people who work in or with family businesses.

Dr. Goel will present current research, experiences with family businesses worldwide (Sanjay works with family businesses in many countries, including Sweden, Poland, Singapore and Brazil), and resources for those who work in or with family businesses. While cultures, language, and scope of family business differ, there are often startling similarities to what family businesses face in today's economy.We will look and discuss some case studies, with a reception to follow.

See you there!

Flyer-Family Business Night