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Technology of Participation?? Facilitation Training

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One of our intentions at Meteek is to have fun. With 35 years of building experience, the projects that stand out are not just the ones with beautiful materials or technical challenges, but the ones that were really fun. What makes a project fun? Good communication and a collaborative environment of sharing expertise.

How is an atmosphere of collaborative expertise supported? Understanding clients' needs and wants, catalyzing multiple professionals, and managing the logistics of a building site are all important for the "fun" factor in what we do at Meteek.


We found that some key facilitation skills are being taught through Technology of Participation® facilitation training, so we decided to sponsor a workshop in Duluth. For two days, two world-renown trainers, Linda Alton and Sheila Cooke, came to Duluth offering a bevy of skills to us at Meteek and four other professionals from the arrowhead region.