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Replacing Thermopanes – 2014 in Review

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We install new and replacement windows, and thermopane window glass replacement when called for. With this client, we had a beautiful view of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River, which means a pretty exposed site.

We replaced the 30-year-old thermopanes with the assistance of this nifty yellow pneumatic glass power lifting tool. Some of the panes weighed in at 460 pounds, so we were happy to have the assistance.

While replacing the glass, we rebuilt the wall section details with rainscreen baffles to deter wind-driven moisture from penetrating the wall. More about that in another post...

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Stepping into Glasstec

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The Rheinturm reflecting on the Stadttor facade, and seen from inside the Stadttor building


Another bienneal event Meteek attended this Fall is Glasstec, the global glass tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. Glasstec covers all aspects of glass, from solar installations and architecture to interior design and jewelry.


What does Meteek find so interesting about glass? Besides the glass office building facade that has become so ubiquitous, architectural glass is associated with industrial material companions, steel and fabric. And what pushes the envelope in material manufacturing and application of one of these materials often brings the other two along.

Interesting architectural uses of materials around Düsseldorf


Architectural glass has advanced the frontier of automated building systems, air exchange, active and passive solar systems, and complex fastening technologies. Glass, steel and fabric together have allowed breakthrough structural designs to emerge, and created the demand for dimensional computer modeling necessary for the structural testing and construction workflows for these designs.

One of the many displays of robotic technology for glass manufacturing and installation


Meteek is keen on innovating systems that work in our climate, and finding new material combinations, structural options and workflow technologies that align with our commitment to energy efficiency and beautiful design.

And we had a blast talking with innovators and manufacturers from all over the world, touring around Düsseldorf and catching up with friends in the glass trade.

New technologies including conductive thinfilm and printed photovoltaic laminates


With Joe, Bhavani, Kirsten and Phillip at La Donna Cannone


Gravity Wins

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Back in October last year, we installed a new sign in front of the shop with a technique that printed on a sustrate that was then bonded to glass. We heard great things about the technique so thought we'd try it out in Duluth.

A couple months into the test, we noticed some discoloration in the white areas of the sign. Some browning was happening, but structurally it looked o.k.

This Spring we noticed some areas starting to delaminate, where the printed substrate was pulling away from the glass. Last week the sign disappeared--clear glass was all you could see. The printed substrate had completely separated from the glass. Gravity wins!

We will be looking for more robust methods of printing on glass when we travel next month to Glasstec, the biannual global trade show for all things glass in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Inspiration in the Netherlands

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We just returned from the Netherlands researching materials and visiting manufacturers.

The Netherlands enacted progressive housing standards in 1901, making provisions for healthy indoor space including lighting and ventilation. Current manufacturers of ventilation systems, control systems and high-efficiency windows are using excellent materials and innovative techniques.

Touring many areas, including old and new towns, we saw ingenious construction details and uses of materials, old and new, that inspired us.

Early rainscreen principle and cellulose insulation in an agricultural building ruin on the island of Tiengemeten


Electric car charging station in Rotterdam


Cross-laminated structural wood from Austria at the RDM campus in Rotterdam


Industrial felt for cafe seating at the RDM campus in Rotterdam


Printed glass dividing wall in the offices of the RDM campus in Rotterdam


Concrete grass pavers at Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve


A green roof at the Energate window office in Speyer, Germany


A New Sign for Meteek & Co

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This week we installed a new sign in front of our building. The sign is made out of 1/2" glass printed with our name and logo, set into an aluminum u-channel and mounted on a boulder.

The printing was done in Minnesota. We have not used this company or system before, so we thought we'd give it a whirl and see how it responds to our climate.