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Zehnder Training at Meteek

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Spring is in the air! Here in the Northland, we tend to associate spring with venturing out into the fresh air after a long winter of taking shelter indoors. We seldom think about our indoor air quality.

Meteek Supply was born to satisfy the need for leading-edge materials and products that stand up to our extreme climate. But how does building efficiency affect indoor air quality? Does conserving energy necessarily mean a lack of ventilation? As buildings become more energy efficient, this is a question we consider. Zehnder Residential Ventilation Systems offer amazing air quality for indoor health, comfort, and energy efficiency.

How the Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System Works

Zehnder HRV provides a constant supply of fresh air into indoor spaces. Fresh air is fed into the system via an external wall vent. The system recovers up to 90% of the energy of the exhaust air to warm the incoming fresh air, saving on heating costs. The air distri­bution system then channels fresh air to individual rooms as needed. The air volume can be adjusted individually for each room.

The Zehnder system works to extract air from wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) while supply­ing fresh, tempered air to bedrooms and living areas.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a rise in asthma and allergic symptoms due to the increased concentration of allergens such as dust mites, VOCs, pollen and mold. Zehnder provides filtered, clean air solutions for indoor health. Click on the link to read about how Zehnder systems increase indoor air quality, here.

Continuing Education

In our ever-expanding efforts to bring you high performance products and to keep them performing optimally, Andy and Randy recently had training in Zehnder commissioning and maintenance. Zehnder East Coast Representative Gary Baggett and SIDA Registered Master Builder Todd Erskin from South Dakota came to Meteek for the training. They worked on two systems in Duluth and one in the Minneapolis area during the training.

Zehnder Training at Meteek

Todd, Andy, Gary and Randy inspect the Zehnder ComfoAir System installed at Meteek.

Zehnder Training at Meteek

Andy makes a few adjustments.

Zehnder Training at Meteek

Gary and Todd review specs with Andy.

Zehnder Training at Meteek

Amazing air quality for indoor health, comfort, and energy efficiency!

We have been pleased to offer you Zehnder ComfoAir systems installed and maintained. Meteek now also offers commissioning services to builders and homeowners who have installed a Zehnder system. This process assures that the installation meets criteria used to maximize comfort, efficiency, and proper operation.

We’d love to talk with you about Zehnder ComfoAir HRV Systems whether you are in the market for a new system, or you are looking for installation, commissioning and maintenance. Call Randy at 218.481.7440 to discuss your options!